Agfa HealthCare DX-D 100 Mobile

The AGFA DX-D 100+ uses the well-established and proven-NX acquisition workstation, with its fully integrated touch screen, for both image acquisition and interfacing with the generator. With the built-in MUSICA image processing, minimizing the need for user training. You’ll also achieve fast image capture with an exposure monitoring functionality that results in better dose monitoring and control.


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In ICUs, emergency rooms and operating theaters, bedside examinations are an important part of the care process. AGFA HealthCare’s new DX-D 100+ wireless mobile DR system can be easily moved and operated by a single person, and has a cable-free detector panel that reduces the risk of possible infection, facilitates faster patient handling and increases comfort of use for both patient and operator. The result is improved efficiency of bedside imaging and streamlined workflow through full integration with your RIS/PACS capabilities.

Fully motorized, heavy duty solution

The compact, mobile DX-D 100+ DR is a fully motorized, heavy duty solution designed to cope with challenging imaging tasks. Secondary controls on the system’s arm allow positioning to be refined without returning to the main console. This enables operation by just one person and allows you to stay with your patient at all times.

Wireless mobility for improved flexibility and infection control

The wireless capability of this mobile solution provides excellent flexibility, improving your overall workflow. In addition, the lack of trailing cable makes it a more hygienic solution, ideally suited for use in the ICU, pediatrics and neonatal areas.

Batteries and configuration provide maximum power and autonomy

Lead crystal batteries are changing the possibilities of mobile imaging technology. Robust, resilient and performant, they offer 30% more autonomy, 30% more exposures, 30% more time before charging*. The unique split battery set configuration further extends the autonomy, by taking the power needs of the motor and generator into account separately. This allows the DX-D 100+ DR to capture, for example, up to 200 thorax examinations with one charge. The battery sets charge through a standard power socket, without special wiring, and the system can be used while charging, avoiding downtime.

Powerful generator reduces exposure times and delivers sharper images

The DX-D 100+ DR is equipped with X-ray generator power of up to 50 kw, making it ideal for imaging dense areas. The generator power rating is true, effective power – not a peak value. The high power results in shorter exposure times and less motion blur, for sharper abdomen and spine examinations and sharper images for bariatric patients.

Ergonomic and maneuverable in restricted spaces

Requiring only light pressure to the drive handle to move it, the DX-D 100+ DR is easily maneuvered to any location. Its small width makes it ideal for restricted spaces and corridors, while large wheels make mounting small steps easier.

FreeView Technology

Navigating busy corridors and rooms is easier and safer with the FreeView technology: the telescopic arm and column are collapsible, providing you an unobstructed view as you maneuver. You can get to your patient swiftly and securely, while the easy-to-use system lets you quickly pop the column back up where you really need it: the patient’s bedside.

  • Battery charger resulting in longer uptime
  • Secondary controls on the system’s arm allow refinement of positioning without the need to return to the main console.
  • With the telescopic column your view is unobstructed, it provides you better maneuverability and allows you to get to your patient more quickly.
  • Enhanced convenience and hygiene, with 3 magnetic holders ideal for storing a packet of gloves and other supplies.*

The DX-D 100+ uses the well-established and proven-NX acquisition workstation, with its fully integrated touch screen, for both image acquisition and interfacing with the generator. With the built-in MUSICA image processing, you enjoy the same look and feel for CR and DR, minimizing the need for user training. You’ll also achieve fast image capture with an exposure monitoring functionality that results in better dose monitoring and control.

High quality instant imaging

The DX-D 100+ comes with a choice of Cesium Iodide (CsI) or Gadolinium Oxy-Sulphide (GOS) detector-technology. CsI delivers excellent image quality, fast image availability and the possibility for significant dose reduction. GOS provides a very cost-effective and excellent image quality. The system offers instant bedside imaging via the DX-D 40 or DX-D 45 portable wireless DR panel. Its pixel size of just 140 μm or 124 μm facilitates diagnostic confidence. The potential dose reduction offered by the DX-D 100+ makes it ideal for patient groups such as pediatrics and neonatal.

Consistent image quality with MUSICA

The DX-D 100+ uses MUSICA image processing, offering excellent contrast detail with intelligent and automated digital radiography image processing, for consistently reliable, high quality image visualization. The MUSICA software automatically analyzes the characteristics of each image and optimizes the processing parameters – independent of user input and dose deviations. The result is minimal re- or postprocessing and the potential for significant dose reduction.

Fast image validation

Captured images can be validated quickly after exposure; should a retake be required, it can be made straightaway. With up to 4000 images stored on the DX-D 100+ at any one time, comparison with prior images is quick and easy. An option to retrieve older images stored previously on the IMPAX system is also available. The result is shorter examination times for patients and, ultimately, less discomfort.

Consistently correct X-ray settings

The full integration of the DX-D 100+ system’s generator via the NX acquisition workstation makes specifying the appropriate exposure technique for your study simple. Once an examination is selected on the NX workstation, the X-ray settings are automatically transmitted to the generator and displayed on the generator interface, where they can be changed easily if needed. After the exposure, the X-ray settings used are sent to the NX workstation and linked to the image for archiving.

Fast access to images via WiFi (where supported); information transfer with the touch of a finger; a solution built on the proven technologies of AGFA HealthCare – the DX-D 100+ maximizes the benefits of technology.

Simple wireless image transfer and network printing

With the DX-D 100+, image transfer and network printing is a simple and straightforward task. Images can be sent directly to your PACS, and/or imager quickly, in DICOM format, using either your WiFi connection or wired network capabilities.

From the imaging and integration specialists

Imaging and integration are our core business. In choosing the DX-D 100+, you can be confident that it is built on the same proven technologies as all AGFA HealthCare solutions. These solutions deliver high quality, leading edge equipment, excellent productivity, and competitive service and maintenance agreements. They come from an innovative vendor committed not simply to starting you on your digital journey, but to helping you progress on your digital path into the future.

Services; Support

AGFA HealthCare offers service agreement solutions tailored to the individual customer’s situation. The service agreements are available in Basic, Comfort and Advanced levels, making lifecycle costs predictable. A worldwide team of some 1000 service professionals is at your disposal to provide support at all phases of your project. As an additional service, they can help you customize your examination tree or link RIS protocol codes for an even higher return on investment. Furthermore, this team carries out tasks that go well beyond maintenance, including value-added services such as super user training, staff training and software upgrades.

Maximum technological benefits from the wireless DX-D 100+ system

DR detectors: instant previews and leading-edge resolution of 140 μm or 124 µm pixels NX acquisition workstation: very fast acquisition, excellent connectivity with RIS/PACS, and intuitive user interface MUSICA imaging software: the reference in maximizing contrast detail X-ray equipment: reliable heavy duty system, handles demanding workflows.



Name Agfa HealthCare DX-D 100 Mobile
Equipment Type X-ray DR Combo
Radiological Type DR
Brand Agfa HealthCare
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