Americomp AM3 Integrated Table Tubestand System

The Americomp AM3 comes with the integrated table and tubestand system.


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  • This Americomp ruggedly constructed table will consistently support patient weights up to 350 pounds, making it ideal for busy clinics with demanding caseloads. Heavy-duty, all-steel construction and an extra-long pedestal create a durable table that will last for years.
  • Patient positioning is quick and easy on the flat top table. Its smooth surface means no grooves or ridges for clothes to snag or grime to collect.
  • An integrated design provides continuous attachment of the tubestand to the table and requires no modification of office walls or ceilings.
  • One feature enables a full range of off-table procedures including stand-knee and ankle. The complete system includes the Americomp Wallstand and your choice of high-performance generators.

The unique off-table tubestand option makes stand-knee and ankle procedures possible on the AM3 system.



Name Americomp AM3 Integrated Table Tubestand System
Equipment Type X-ray
Brand Americomp
Condition New
Volts N/A
Capacity N/A
Chemistry N/A
Weight 0.0000
Dimensions N/A
Terminals N/A
Part Type N/A
Warranty N/A
Device Type N/A