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Managing declining budgets is vital to success. But you can’t afford to compromise on the reliable performance and clinical excellence of your CT system. That’s why, through our exclusive GE partnerships, Multi Inc is offering an alternative to premium Performix™ CT tubes: the MAXIRay family of replacement CT tubes. You get the patented tube technology, image quality excellence, dose efficiency, and service life you expect from GE Healthcare at a cost that helps you meet the most challenging of budget goals. Logo: GE Healthcare.

MAXIRay MX240 CT VCT Tube Unit

MAXIRay Tube Part Number: D3199t
Replacement for Tube Part Number: D3194t Performix Pro VCT 100 ECO
Legacy GE Part Number(s): 2219500-3/4/5/6, 2291563-2
Nickname: Hercules
System Manufacturer: GE
System Model(s):
  • LightSpeed Pro16
  • LightSpeed Pro32
  • LightSpeed VCT Select
  • LightSpeed RT16
  • LightSpeed VCT
  • LightSpeed VCT XTe
  • LightSpeed VCT XT
  • LightSpeed Xtra
  • Discovery PET/CT690
  • Discovery VCT
  • Discovery RX VCT
  • Discovery NM/CT570c
Type: CT Tube

MAXIRay MX200 CT Ultra ECO Reloaded Tube Unit

MAXIRay Tube Part Number: D3189T
Replacement for Tube Part Number: D3186T Performix Ultra
Legacy GE Part Number(s): 2137130-5, 2137130-2, 2120785-2
System Manufacturer: GE
System Model(s):
  • HiSpeed® QX/i
  • LightSpeed Plus
  • LightSpeed Ultra
  • LightSpeed16
  • BrightSpeed® Edge
  • BrightSpeed Excel
  • BrightSpeed Elite
  • Discovery® ST
  • Discovery LS
  • Discovery RX
  • Discovery PET/CT600
  • Discovery STE
  • Discovery NM/CT670
Type: CT Tube

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