GE & Multi, Inc. - A Partnership Built to Last

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For over 30 years, Multi, Inc. has been a trusted partner of medical facilities throughout the United States. Multi, Inc. is one of the largest equipment businesses dedicated to the imaging needs of our customers. It’s no wonder why GE has chosen to partner with Multi, Inc. for their GE parts distribution.

If your healthcare facility is committed to keeping your diagnostic imaging systems in top operating condition, explore how a partnership with Multi will ensure you have a reliable and cost effective source for all your GE Healthcare Components. We offer custom pricing for preferred partners. 
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Our Partnership Features:

  • The full line of GE imaging and non-imaging parts
  • Large inventory
  • Money-saving offers
  • Credit card purchasing
  • Custom parts consignment programs
  • After hours and custom ordering for inventory demand forecasting 
  • OEM parts ID and support
  • Hassle-free shipping on customer FedEx or UPS accounts
  • Include imaging and non-imaging parts on a single purchase order
  • Factory warranty
  • Dedicated staff

Our products, services, and programs are designed to meet the individual needs of our customers as well as their families, physicians and communities.

Multi, Inc. is a full equipment, sales and parts provider that is dedicated to providing innovative health and well-being solutions to hospitals, surgery facilities, private practice and other medical related centers to enhance the lives of patients so they may live healthier and more secure lives.

Sourcing parts and repairs just got easier, saving you time to focus on other tasks.

GE's GoldSeal™ Parts - Now available with Multi, Inc.

GoldSeal parts have been put through a rigorous testing and inspection process validated to ensure quality. When you need to leverage every dollar, GoldSeal is a cost-effective solution that meets your objectives.

GoldSeal parts:

  • Are processed using an ISO 13485 system
  • Use a validation method designed by GE engineers
  • Include value pricing with a 90-day warranty
  • Offer same-day or next-day shipping options