Konica-Minolta Ultra U-Arm DR

Superior Image Quality

Viztek Ultra U-Arm DR features state-of-the-art functionality for supreme digital imaging. The Viztek Ultra U-Arm DR is designed for all imaging applications. Avoid the time-consuming demands of film processing and enter the digital world of Direct Radiography. The Viztek Ultra U-Arm DR provides digital images within seconds of exposure.


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Feature-Rich Digital Radiology

Advantages of Viztek’s Ultra U-Arm DR include superior image quality, with greater visualization of soft tissue and bones from the same study exposure. The integrated system of generator console with the workstation in a single unit improves productivity and decreases the chance of operator error. With image display within 3 seconds of exposure, the DR enables high-throughput performance, enhancing practice workflow. The enclosure keeps the panel safe, enhancing image quality, increasing its longevity,and assuring system stability.

Improve Radiology Workflow

The freedom to maneuver the hardware allows for optimal flexibility for patient examinations; patients can be standing, sitting or in the lying position. The system is designed to constantly maintain alignment between the X-ray tube and the image receptor, regardless of the angle of the image receptor or the u-arm tilt positions.

Viztek’s U-Arm DR+ features user-friendly controls that operate dual speed motorized movements, while the intuitive anti-collision system makes patient positioning quick, easy, and safe. The ease of use facilitates a more confident diagnosis. Additionally, the patient table allows for the patient to be moved into any required position without the need for repositioning.

Pediatric Imaging Package

Viztek's Pediatric Imaging Package is ideal for any facility that is dose conscious and working on children. With the use of the latest hardware and software technology. Viztek's pediatric offering aids in the effort to reduce radiation dose in children.

Improve Your Workflow, Drive Your Business

Make your move into the digital world today. Let Viztek show you how to do it easily and affordably. Our technology is leading edge. Our support and upgrades are state-of-the-art.

The Main Column is a floor-to-wall mounted system that supports vertical movement with a dual-speed motorized swivel arm for accurate and easy setting.

The X-ray Generator is compact and can supply 50-80kW of output power.

The Collimator features linear laser beam with light field indicator for optimal patient positioning.

Table Side Control
  • Technique view and change • Angle read out
  • Positioning Pre-sets
  • Custom Views
  • Generator Control
Mobile Patient Table Standard
  • The table-top composition is a laminated structure with a patient capacity of 440 lbs.
  • The Dimensions of the table – 78.7”L x 25.6”W x 27.6”H
Motorized Swivel Arm
  • Dual-speed motorized movements for SID adjustment, arm elevation, and arm rotation.
  • Source-to-image Distance (SID) is 40”-72” inches and is continuously adjustable by operator hand control, allowing for a range of radiographic studies.
  • Rotation Angle is 150° (90° +/- 30°)
  • Image Detector Cabinet
    • Detector Cabinet is equipped for large panel and cassette sized technology with a range of tilt at +/- 45°
    • Grid Type is high density, stationary, removable, with 78 lines/cm and a ratio of 8:1 / f = 135 cm
    Options Available
    • Mobile Table
    • Mobile Hi/Low Table
    • Weight Bearing Stand
    • Stitching Software • DAP Meter
    • AEC
    • Pediatric Imaging Package
    Features and Benefits
    • Patient Side Control
    • Generator Control
    • Auto-Positioning Control
    • Off-center Imaging
    • Auto-Stitching
    • AEC
    • Collision Sensors
    • Angle Read-out
    • Single/Dual Grid
    • Advanced Processing Algorithms • Remote Control
    • Pediatric Imaging Package
    • DAP Meter


    Name Konica-Minolta Ultra U-Arm DR
    Equipment Type X-ray DR Combo
    Radiological Type DR
    Brand Viztek
    Condition New